One For All: WINE SYSTEM extends the range of WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL

Dec 11, 2021

The PAR®-Jury will assess alcohol-free, apple and pear wines from all over the world for the first time during the forthcoming sixth edition of the cross-national high-quality contest that is going to take place in March 2022. Registration deadline February 11th, 2022.


Frasdorf, December 2021 – Wines from worldwide in their diversity and styles are the core topic of WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL on March 04th-07th, 2022. WINE SYSTEM – Trust your Senses welcomes all of them to the significant quality contest – an easy-drinking wine up to the century one, a traditional up to the modern, beyond all conventions. 2022 should be particularly interesting. With a view to the international market development, and the growing natural wine trend, three new categories of alcohol-free, apple and pear wines will have their premiere performance during the forthcoming contest edition. As usual, the tasting will run according to the PAR® method that helps to illustrate the quality with transparency like no other system. At the first step, the specially educated jury assesses, documents and discusses. The rating follows then, never under consideration of personal preferences, yet always professionally grounded.


20 % Early-Bird Discount until December 19th

The quicker, the better: It is worth being fast to register for the sixth WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL. Early birds save 20% of the registration fee – a true benefit in any case! Regardless of the medal blessings, each wine receives the PAR® specification sheet. Each tasting team uses this sheet to document each wine‘s individual sensorially effective parameters with subsequent qualitative ranking. Each result is always understandable. Expertly read, the PAR® sheet also gives information about the strengths and weaknesses of the production process – an ideal basis for successful quality management.


Differentiated assessment, even if it gets tricky

As a high-quality international contest for grape wines of any style, WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL is a complicated tasting per se. The integration of three new categories increases the challenge for the PAR® Certified Master Tasters. Those familiar with the methodology can foresee the excitement of the jury to cope with this challenge. The PAR® requires regular training and a kind of critical curiosity, and, in addition, the analytical and documentary approach enables the testers to assess the diversity of such a competition objectively and beyond the simple comparison tests. Each submitted wine obtains compreihensible documentation of its sensory and oenological features consistently rated in relation to origin, climate, style and marketability. In this way, a reductively produced fruity white wine with modern stylistics receives the same appreciation as a terroir wine made with classical craftsmanship, an original natural wine or sparkling wine made of pears or apples.


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Additional Information – Tasting Format

Should the pandemic situation require, WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL will take place in online format once again. The wines are thematically allocated (climatical, stylistic and analytical parameters) anonymised and numbered by the PAR® Certified Masters of the jury before being unpacked and presented on-site in the determined order. In compliance with the PAR® method, also online, the auditors operate in a crew of two. At the first step, each wine is tasted separately. A discussion follows this process. Once a consensus is reached, the results are thoroughly documented.


Background Information:

WINE SYSTEM - Trust your Senses with its activity area in consulting, training and PAR® high-quality contests is a capable partner for winegrowers, retail and expert audience in the fields of wine and sensors since 1999. WINE SYSTEM AG operates under the leadership of both board members Brigitte Wüstinger and Martin Darting since 2019. Since many years, the company organisers well-known high-quality contests, for instance, ORGANIC WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL, WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL, PiGUNDY WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL, International PIWI Wine Award, as well as other smaller events. The database that contains more than 40.000 listed wines became a global information tool highly appreciated among experts.


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