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Descrizione dell'azienda vinicola:

PIETRO BECONCINI AGRICOLA: ORGANIC WINES  San Miniato- TUSCANY- The history of my winery begins well before I was born, in the early 1950s to be exact. That was when my grandfather was successful in purchasing the lands that he, along with his family, had already been working for some time, but as a sharecropper on the estate of the Marchesi Ridolfi family. My family was in fact one of the first in Tuscany to free themselves from the then-prevalent sharecropping system, and that made possible the founding of the present PIETRO BECONCINI AGRICOLA. Under my grandfather, it was an agricultural operation that produced a variety of products; under my father’s direction, on the other hand, it became strictly a viticultural and winemaking estate.

My own avocation began to take shape very slowly in the early 1990s, with local zonation research, and with the first vintage of a monovarietal Sangiovese in 1995. Successively, I took over the reins of the business from my father.

Since 1997 I have I have had as my colleague my wife Eva Bellagamba, who made the heroic decision to share this project of mine and sacrifice her own future as an architect.

I think that I can say that the patience and caution that I showed in undertaking the studies of the local environment were the real key to all of the work that I have done since. The most important results, in chronological order, are: - an in-depth understanding of the vineyards here, which had previously been farmed rather primitively;

- the selection of two local sangiovese clones, which I am still using today for wine production;

- the decision to increase plantings of the malvasia nera grape (which has always been sangiovese’s faithful “travelling companion”);

- and finally the discovery of the unexpected presence at San Miniato of the fabulous grape variety that we now know is tempranillo.

The wines that I make now as well are produced without any excessive haste, and with the same sure-footed prudence I have always used. I have always striven to achieve the best balance possible both in the vineyard and in the cellar before I introduce a new wine.

I currently produce, in order:  Since 1995 CARATELLO Vinsanto DOC the real traditional Vinsanto- Since 1995 RECISO, 100% sangioveseSince 1997 ANTICHE VIE Chianti DOCG-Since 1998 MAURLEO, 50% sangiovese, 50% malvasia nera- Since 2004 VIGNA ALLE NICCHIE, 100% tempranillo. Today VIGNAleNICCHIE  -Since 2007 IXE, 100% tempranillo- Since 2007 ARIA Vinsanto DOC Occhio di Pernice, the rare Vinsanto.-Since 2008 Pietro Beconcini CHIANTI RISERVA Docg- Since 2014 FRESCO DI NERO  light red wine by early harvest tempranillo 100%- Since 2018 PRS malvasia bianca and VEA macerated trebbiano

With respect to the winemaking process in the cellar, which I consider scarcely 10% of my effective work, I consider myself an out-and-out tradionalist who uses barriques besides the big wooden barrels for the sangiovese.

I start from the premise that the oak maturation vessel, whatever it may be, must only mature my wines. What confers on them great character and personality, on the other hand, is fermentation in lined cement vats and courageous macerations.

As one can easily imagine, my longest and most involved efforts have gone into developing the potential here of tempranillo.

The beginning of these efforts goes back to 1993, when we discovered a group of 213 vines, growing on their own roots, already quite ancient; for many years we called them “grape X”, and took massal selections from the group and planned new plantings.

At the same time, we carried out historical research, and in the 1990s we solicited replies, which were not long in coming.

We found out about the origins of the grape and the journey it had made in reaching this area. We know today that the ancestors of our vines were carried here by travellers who were following the Via Francigena, which passes right through my winery property, on their way to Rome on religious pilgrimages.

Only in 2004 did we learn the actual name of the variety, tempranillo, thanks to advanced DNA identification techniques.

In the intervening years, I tried my best to widen my own experience in growing and making wine from this grape that is so unusual for Tuscany. I finally made the decision to produce an ambitious Tempranillo, using even extreme procedures, such as semi-drying the grapes before fermentation.


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Reciso - 2017 - Grande Oro Bewertungsbogen nach PAR
VignaleNicchie Tempranillo Vigna Prefilloxera - 2015 - Oro Bewertungsbogen nach PAR

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