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"Voskevaz Wine Cellar" LLC
Armenien - Aragatsotn

Various ancient and unique wine producing methods are used in Voskevaz Winery which was founded in 1932. The winery is situated in Voskevaz village (Voskevaz in Armenian means “golden bunch, or golden vine”, which hints at the deep roots of viticulture in the village.), which is located in Aragatsotn region of Armenia, on the right side of Qasakh river. Since ancient times the main fields of economy in Voskevaz village were viticulture, orcharding and tobacco growing. The fundamental transformations of the winery began in 2004, when the “Voskevaz Wine Cellar” LLC was established. The winery was modernized by high-tech Italian equipments. Both traditional and modern winemaking technologies are used to produce incredible “Voskevaz” wines. Only native grape varieties such as Haghtanak, Kangun, Areni, Muscat Vardabuyr, Milagh and Voskehat (Kharji) are used in our wine production. The concept of the Winery is to recreate and keep the heritage of traditional Armenian winemaking. In order to follow this concept our winemakers use ancient 100 years old karases (Armenian clay amphora) for wine aging. Due to the unique Armenian terroir and ideal climate Voskevaz Winery’s team creates ingenious Armenian wines and proudly carries on the over six thousand year old tradition of Armenian winemaking.

Unsere Weine
VOSKEVAZ KARASI COLLECTION, ARENI NOIR - 2018 - Gold Bewertungsbogen nach PAR
VOSKEVAZ KARASI COLLECTION, HAGHTANAK - 2018 - Silber Bewertungsbogen nach PAR
VOSKEVAZ KARASI COLLECTION, VOSKEHAT - 2018 - Großes Gold Bewertungsbogen nach PAR

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