PIWI WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL announces the ranking results for 2022

Nov 4, 2022

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Press release: WINE SYSTEM – Tust your Senses


PIWI WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL announces the ranking results for 2022

PAR® quality testing method – 283 PIWI wines from 14 countries involved – raising average level – overall winner with 99 points from Switzerland


Frasdorf, October 2022 – Deeply impressed last weekend, the PAR® Certified Master Jury left the PIWI WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL tasting room in Bavarian Frasdorf. The high average level of this year ‘s ranking has surpassed all expectations. The percentage share of Grand Gold and Gold ratings was 10 per cent higher than last year without changing the tasting pattern or medal ranking. This year’s tasting has resulted in 30 Grand Gold, 130 Gold, 90 Silver and 20 Compliments. The overall winner was the  2020 Divico AOC from Weingut Florian Ramu, Lake Geneva, who achieved 99 points. Telephone information service will take place on October 26th


Top Ranking Each Category

Along with the overall winner coming from vineyard Florian Ramu, Switzerland, the following candidates received the following top rankings: 



  • White Wine Category: the 2017 Souvignier gris – organic vineyard Veritas, Czech region of Morava, with 98 points, thus Gran Gold.
  • Dessert Wine Category: the 2021 Heppenheimer Stemmler Souvignier Gris Eiswein – Bergsträßer Winzer eG – Hessische Bergstrasse region, Germany, with 98 points, thus Grand Gold. 
  • Sparkling Wine Category – the 2021 Johanniter Spumante Brut Nature – Cantina Colli del Soligo from Treviso region, Italy, with 97 points, thus Grand Gold.
  • Rosé Wine Category: the 2021 Skäret – Kullabergs Vingård, Swedish region Skane, with 96 points, thus Grand Gold..
  • Qvevri Category: the 2020 REBELLIS vineyard Giannitessari, Veneto, and the 2020 RUKH from Nove Lune, Lombardy – Italy, awarded 96 points each, thus Grand Gold.
  • Liqueur Wine Category: the 2018 Chalmberger Weinlikör Rondo from ChalmbergerWeinbau, Aargau region in Switzerland.


Further Grand-Gold-PIWIs of 2022 tasting came, i.a., from Austria, Poland and Denmark. Complete ranking information is available under https://winesystem.de/en/piwi-wine-award/results/. Click the PAR® icon to view the corresponding wine spec sheet.

High Average Level At Huge Stylistic Spectrum

The 10 per cent increase within Grand Gold and Gold categories – 90-100 points range – made the PIWI WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL 2022 to a tasting with a pleasingly high general level, despite the vastly differing vintages caused by the climate change, that meanwhile steadily involves winemakers worldwide. Most probably, these climatic fluctuations are responsible for the stylistic diversity.


WINE SYSTEM quality auditor and PAR® Certified Master Alexander Morandell said: „We currently experience experiments between traditional craftmanship and high-tech vinification on broad scope; this does not make the quality check easier – but more thrilling. While the modern, reductively-made, fruity styles prevailed for years, the overall sensory appearance becomes clearly heterogeneous again. The look at the category „Natural Wine“is a good example illustrating this tendency – entirely resigning of the SO2 injections with partly quite impressing qualities.“

Free Telephone Information Service For Participants – October 26th, 2022 

WINE SYSTEM quality management offers free information service to support a better understanding of PAR® documentation. Registration under buero@winesystem.de.     

Note to the editors: media representatives are welcome to join the information service to explain the rating of the wine of your choice from the recent tasting. Sample wine mailing and appointment by request under buero@winesystem.de 

WINE SYSTEM – Trust your Senses with its activity area in consulting, training and PAR® high-quality contests is a capable partner for winegrowers, retail and expert audience in the fields of wine and sensors since 1999. WINE SYSTEM AG operates under the leadership of both board members Brigitte Wüstinger and Martin Darting since 2019. Since many years, the company organisers well-known high-quality contests, for instance, ORGANIC WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL, WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL, PiGUNDY WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL, PIWI WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL, as well as other smaller events. The database that contains more than 40.000 listed wines became a global information tool highly appreciated among experts. www.winesystem.de


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