Holistic advice for

What is it about wine that excites people?

Is it the spontaneous "delicious"?
A fresh, fruity impulse - radiant, delightful, but fleeting like a holiday flirtation?

Or is it the intuitive "interesting"?
A kind of multisensory story that arouses curiosity and reveals more of itself with every sip?

It will probably come as little surprise to you: Of course, there is no one right answer. At least not for us. Because our task lies elsewhere.

We want to find out what inspires you!

You personally, as a person who dedicates his striving and work to wine.

Because when we know that, we can explore together what your business needs with all its special features to turn this enthusiasm into wine.

To do this, we ask questions and dig deeper. We dig in the soil, "question" your vines and snoop in the cellar. We look at processes and figures, but above all: at your goals. On your wishes and needs, your intuition. Because it needs space to reveal its valuable knowledge.

No matter where you are at the moment - whether in the middle or at the very beginning, facing a generational change, a (sense) crisis or perhaps the desire for more "handwriting":

We pick you up right there.


Then we look forward to getting to know you!

The first conversation is non-binding and free of charge.

Simply send a few lines to or a call to +49 8032 91633 45 and you're ready to go.

"Nature has its own rules. We should pay attention to them.
If we learn to "listen" to what she has to say to us, then we can understand her work.
accompany you professionally with all our knowledge.

Let's give the vines the opportunity to develop optimally!
They will reward us with the best grapes."