Organic is more than just a label. It is an attitude.

One that asks a great deal of commitment from winemakers – and it results in the kind of originality that can only emerge from the respectful and skilled interaction with nature.

For some 15 years now, our PAR® Certified Master Jury, headed by Martin Darting, has been accompanying the organic wine scene, which has become so vital to international viticulture. We know the craft and its challenges. And we treat each and every wine with the respect and appreciation, that it deserves.


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Exhibit the quality of your wines – your craft, your passion, your terroir.

We’re looking forward to each and every one of them!


Brigitte Wüstinger and Martin Darting

WINE SYSTEM - Trust your Senses


More transparency, more service, more value...

Your entry secures you:

  • a professionally sound and comprehensible quality assessment.
    • Your wine is presented to the PAR® jury anonymously and with all relevant product information.
    • This is followed by the documentation of the sensorically effective components before they are scored in relation to origin, style and sensoric drinkability.
    • To ensure the repeatability of each result, PAR® Certified Master tasters always act in teams of two. A senior jury member is responsible for quality assurance at each tasting.
  • a sensoric analysis for each registered wine (PAR® sheet)
  • recommendations for optimal drinking age and storage potential, and thus all the information you need for the sale and further development of your wine.
  • the international benchmark: your wine is being evaluated individually – and then ranks within a category along with comparable products from all over the world.
  • at best: an attractive and credible medal for your marketing.

Maximum transparency: The jury's approach

The jury of PAR® Certified Master tasters works in teams of two and evaluates each wine first individually and then as a team. A rating is only recorded once a consensus has been reached. Whether it is a stylistically modern fruity white wine, a nobly crafted terroir wine or an original orange: Each wine receives comprehensible documentation of its sensory characteristics, which are evaluated in terms of origin, climate and style.

Maximum benefit: The PAR® advantage

In addition to the marketing benefits of this competition, many winemakers appreciate the insightful analyses on which the PAR® evaluation is based. They show exactly which criteria have led to matching results and provide a practical reference manual for quality management. The PAR® data sheet identifies the criteria according to which there is potential for improvement in the wine. With this knowledge, winemakers can take appropriate measures for the next vintage or seek competent advice.