Wines from all over the world.
With its sheer diversity, colours and styles.

It’s all about


From ‚easy drinking‘ to the century plant, traditional and modern, we want to taste them all beyond the predefinition. By a method that transparently illustrates the quality like no other one does: PAR®.

Our promise: we take time for your wine. The jury assesses, documents, discusses before judging. Never with personal taste preference, always professionally grounded, replicable and understandable.

It’s a matter of honour. It has to do with the appreciation of your work and product and some practical issues, like, for instance, the use of the PAR® datasheet for your next vintage or marketing benefits of the medals.

A Changing Wine World

Likewise the wine world, we keep moving, having an eye on the international market and young growing natural wine trend. Therefore we created new categories for future editions. As of now, we are happy to welcome your

Non-alcoholic wines, Cider and Perry.

Because wine is many-faceted, it is our greatest thing to uncover this variety!

Exhibit the quality of your wines – your craft, your passion, your terroir.

We’re looking forward to each and every one of them!


Brigitte Wüstinger and Martin Darting

WINE SYSTEM - Trust your Senses 

The jury, consisting of PAR® Certified Master, works in teams of two and evaluates each wine individually and as part of a team. Whether a stylistically modern fruity white wine, a elegantly crafted terroir wine or an original orange, each wine receives transparent documentation of its sensory characteristics, which are evaluated in terms of origin, climate and style.

In addition to the marketing benefits of this competition, many winegrowers appreciate the insightful analyses on which the PAR® rating is based. They show exactly which criteria have led to adequate results and provide a practical manual for quality management. The PAR® data sheet identifies the criteria according to which there is potential for further improvement in wine. With this knowledge, winemakers can take appropriate measures themselves for the next vintage or seek competent advice.