"Ecological, economical, sensorical - no matter from which angle you look at PIWIs:
They are an enrichment for the wine world. A promising investment in the future of us all."

Brigitte Wüstinger & Martin Darting
CEOs of WINE SYSTEM – Trust your Senses


The International PIWI Wine Award now officially goes by



With a new look and proven tasting standards, PIWI WINE AWARD will
once again hit the tasting tables of the renowned PAR® jury on October 7, 2022.

After many years of cooperation with PIWI International e.V., the award, which has become known as the International PIWI Wine Award, is now solely offered and continued by WINE SYSTEM - Trust your Senses.

Heads up: Members of PIWI International, Demeter, Bioland and Ecovin are entitled to a 10 percent discount upon presentation of proof of membership.


What’s labelled WINE SYSTEM contains PAR®

With its new look, PIWI WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL continues to rely on the method that transparently and comprehensibly depicts quality like no other: PAR®.

Our promise: We take time for your wine. The WINE SYSTEM jury evaluates, documents, discusses. Only then are the scores awarded. Never according to personal taste, always professionally sound. Repeatable and understandable.

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Showcase the quality of your PIWIs – your craft, your passion, your terroir.
We are looking forward to each of them!


Sincerely yours,
Brigitte Wüstinger and Martin Darting
Board Members
WINE SYSTEM – Trust your Senses


The jury, consisting of PAR® Certified Master, works in teams of two and evaluates each wine individually and as part of a team. Whether a stylistically modern fruity white wine, a elegantly crafted terroir wine or an original orange, each wine receives transparent documentation of its sensory characteristics, which are evaluated in terms of origin, climate and style.

In addition to the marketing benefits of this competition, many winegrowers appreciate the insightful analyses on which the PAR® rating is based. They show exactly which criteria have led to adequate results and provide a practical manual for quality management. The PAR® data sheet identifies the criteria according to which there is potential for further improvement in wine. With this knowledge, winemakers can take appropriate measures themselves for the next vintage or seek competent advice.