ORGANIC WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL: Impressions of the Spring Tasting 2023 and Results of the Austrian Winemakers

May 29, 2023

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Sensory standards lose importance - Observations on climate and craft - List of top scores from Austria

Frasdorf, May 2023 - "We can say goodbye to old standards" comments a member of the interdisciplinary PAR® Master Jury the spring tasting of the ORGANIC WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL - and the words describe quite aptly what the ranking expresses in numbers and sensory data. Thus, among the 371 organic wines submitted from 15 countries, there are prime examples of the craft. They show how outstanding wines can be produced even under changed conditions when oenological standards are put aside. The overall winner with 99 points belongs to this group: the 2021 Vino d'Oro N.1 from La Villa Mergo in the Italian Marche. In order to maximise the value for all participants, WINE SYSTEM Quality Assurance offers a free debriefing of the individual results for each tasting. The complete ranking with all sensory profiles is available at

Innovation and flexibility are key

Due to the many disciplines represented - from oenology and viticulture to viticulture and the trade - in the course of an award the PAR® jury gains profound insights into what drives the industry. The top issue is and remains how to deal with changing climatic conditions. Depending on the climate zone, they result in changed acidity levels, rising alcohol contents and altered microbiology, to name but a few. Those who stick to classic aroma profiles and traditional methods in the vineyard and cellars have to dig deeper and deeper into their bag of tricks - with the corresponding sensory effects. The ranking also impressively shows what can be achieved through innovation. One example is the 2021 ORANGE elemental green from Wachter winery in Austria. It shows that Grüner Veltliner can also do differently, thanks to selection during harvest, maceration time and minimalism in the cellar. This earned it 96 points and Grand Gold.

WINE SYSTEM quality taster and vine breeder Alexander Morandell: "We saw a lot of well-applied know-how in this tasting - and a lot of untapped potential. This is precisely the strength of a PAR® evaluation: It is a compass for this potential, which is waiting to be used - by the producers themselves or perhaps even with the help of a consultant. The changed temperatures and rainfall should not be underestimated in their effects on vines and grapes. Seeking advice can provide the decisive impetus for a new, successful direction.

The top scores per category from Austria

White wine:

Rosé wine:

Sparkling wine:

Red wine:

A total of 83 organic wines from Austrian growing regions were submitted. Of these, 3 achieved Grand Gold, 24 Gold, 40 Silver and 15 Bronce.

Note to editors: Representatives of the press are cordially invited to have the scoring of their wine of choice from the tasting and the procedure of the jury explained to them. Dispatch of a sample wine and appointment on request at

Since 1999, WINE SYSTEM - Trust your Senses has stood for expert quality testing and Wine Awards, as well as for specialist sensory training and consultancy for wineries. With the pursuit of quality, appreciation and respect for people and craftsmanship serve as the most important guiding star in all three business areas. Against this background, the company, as a competence centre for wine and sensory analysis, has co-developed the globally recognised PAR® testing scheme, which helps the PAR® Certified Master Jury in the WINE SYSTEM tastings to make valid, detailed and comprehensible assessments. Year after year, more and more winegrowers use the informative tasting data to further develop the quality of their wines.

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