ORGANIC WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL – die Ergebnisse der Frühjahrsverkostung 2022

May 30, 2022


Excellently integrated PIWIs, more stability in the category of natural wines and seldom 100 points rating. Figures and development within the international organic wine community.

Frasdorf, May 2022 – 28 PAR® Master tasters from different European countries got together on the second weekend of May*) to run the tasting of 543 organic wines from 19 countries during the fifteenth ORGANIC WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL. Two quality auditors were part of this master team for the first time appointed by WINE SYSTEM to validate each rating. This measure was a response to the rising stylistic complexity of the tasting. The experts from Frasdorf have upped the standards again to award 51 GrandGold, 264 Gold and 199 Silver. Twenty-seven wines received Compliment. The overall winner of the spring tasting is one natural wine – the 2021 Oniric Brisat Xarello Vermell from a wine-growing estate based in Catalonia, Spain.  This qvevri-wine made from the autochthonous variety Xarel.lo Vermell achieved the most outstanding rating – 100 PAR® points.

Nearly two-thirds of GranGold awards (32 medals out of 51 in total) went to the most represented wine countries – Germany, Italy and Austria. The 100-point overall winner came from Spain, and other countries like Portugal, France and Switzerland were at the very top. Further top rated products came from Lebanon, Argentina, Greece, Turkey and Hungary.**)

**)Note to editors: The hyperlinks behind the country names lead to the respective Grand Gold rankings.

Frontrunners From Spain, Portugal, France and Italy

Top-rated in the category of white wine is the already mentioned 100 points qvevri-made wine from the Catalonian organic wine estate Entre Vinyes. The 2020 Montsevelier Cuvée muscat from the Swiss vineyard Vin-du-Jura closely follows with 99 points. The Cuvée is the best ranked PIWI natural white wine.

Two frontrunners in the category of sparkling wine earned 99 points each: 2018 Soalheiro Brut Nature from wine-growing estate Quinta de Soalheiro based in the Portuguese region Minho and the 2020 PetNat Malafemmena Grechetto Umbria from the vineyard Di Filippo located in the Italian region Umbria.

99 points in the category of dessert wine went to the 2013 Vin Santo del Chianti Occhio di Pernice Riserva DOC from the Tuscan Fattoria La Vialla.

In the category of red wine, four top products could achieve 98 points: 2018 À PARTE coming from Quinta Casal da Cruz located in Portuguese Alentejo,  2018 Solar de Urbezo Crianza Tinto made at Bodegas Solar de Urbezo from the Spanish region of Aragón, as well as French Bordeaux region  2020 Château Couronneau Rouge and  2021 Chateau de Rabouchet / Bordeaux supérieur – both names are eponymous for the winegrowing estates of their origin. The best red natural wine is the 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon from the Lebanese Batroun Mountains, with 97 points.

Excellently Integrated PIWIs A Stabilisation Of Natural Wine Sector

One of the WINE SYSTEM Jury‘s conclusions is that the natural wine trend has solidated not only quantitatively but also, the quality has shown more stability, demonstrated by recent ranking. Seven of the total 31 submitted natural wines, also, those of category „nothing in and nothing out“, could achieve 7 GrandGold, 17 Gold, 6 Silver and one Compliment.

Another conclusion was that the PIWIs became qualitatively entirely integrated into the organic wine scene. The campaigners could successfully catch up with the advanced scientific knowledge of the erstwhile PIWI pioneers. Wines produced of young varieties made up slightly more than 11 per cent of participants in the Spring Edition of the tasting. Two of them could achieve top ratings with GrandGold, 27 received Gold, 18 Silver, and two products got Compliment. Next show for international PIWI community will be PIWI WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL in October 2022. The registration is open now.    

WINE SYSTEM Quality Management – Tasting With Highest Standards

A great deal of interest within the orange and natural wine scene that becomes more and more professional forces the WINE SYSTEM awards to gain complexity. Basically, the tasting method PAR®, with its assessment respectively the wine’s individual origin, climate and stylistics, offers perfect tools for the jury to approach the challenge of this complexity.  However, due to the aroma and features that orange, natural, qvevri and PetNat wines show – still not appreciated in the prevalent modern stylistic – an additional quality level group has been established to validate the results and discuss them with the testers. In this way, both new testers who belong to the league of Certified PAR® Masters work as specialised back-up and advocates for wine-makers, ensuring that each given point gaplessly complies with PAR® standard.

Free Phone Consulting For The Participants on May 30th, 2022

WINE SYSTEM offers free phone consultation on May 30th, 2022, upon the registration, to better understand and evaluate the PAR® datasheet. 


Supplementary Information

*) During the hybrid tasting spring 2022, a part of the jury operated virtually. The wines are thematically allocated (climatical, stylistic and analytical parameters), anonymised and numbered before being unpacked and presented in the determined order. In compliance with the PAR® method, also online, the auditors operate in a crew of two. In the first step, each wine is tasted separately. A discussion follows this process. Once a consensus is reached, the results are thoroughly documented.

Background Information:

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