WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL Launches The Second Part Of This Year's Contest

Jul 17, 2022

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21 countries submitted 314 wines in 2022 - overall-winners of the summer tasting edition came from South Africa and Germany - why is the craftsmanship so exciting


Frasdorf, July 2022 - The WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL is a contest with one-for-all qualities. All styles, origins and cultivation methods are very much appreciated because exactly this tense field between modern winemaking and traditional craftsmanship, as well as techniques and attitudes, makes the world of wine so colourful and the PAR® Jury's job so thrilling. Unlike other major tasting events, craftsmanship is always the underlying concept for the quality classification for the objective approach of this gamut. The combined line-up of primarily handcrafted wines is the overall winner of the summer tasting: the 2016 Pinotage The Sensory Collection Grande Réserve made at Stellar Winery, Western Cape - South Africa and the 2020 Gewürztraminer Orange from an organic vineyard Grossmann in the Nahe region in Germany. Eleven products received Grand Gold, 36 received Gold, and 34 were awarded Silver.


Top Ratings For Each Category 

Along with the overall winners, vineyards Grossmann and Stellar Winery, the following products achieved Grand Gold:


Other Categories Top Ratings:


A Look At The PAR® Data Sheet: New Excitement Index

Those who follow WINE SYSTEMS Awards or are familiar with evaluation sheets couldn't fail to notice a new parameter included for quite some time - an excitement index. This criteria is outright beyond the official scoring system and relates to the subjective perception of the PAR® Certified Master Team that has accomplished tasting and assessment of the particular wine, searching for an answer to a question of personal excitement on this specific product on a scale from 0 to 10.

While the subjective impressions have no place in the PAR® analysis and scoring system, the excitement index gives the jury room to put personal feelings on record. This appears to be a thrilling experience for all persons involved. It is not unusual that several wines achieve the same score in the objective PAR® quality assessment; however, they fare differently measured by the excitement index.


Head of Tasting Martin Darting explains the background: "Sort of professional nosiness pushed us to implement this index that is strictly detached from the actual quality assessment. We have been asking ourselves for many years about why some wines are simply drop-dead and others, sometimes even better fared, do not burgeon within the excitement index category. Individual taste can be the explanation. Yet, all tasters involved are astonishingly unanimous about this parameter. This matter has caught our interest, and we think that this might be thrilling for the winemakers to keep an eye on this parameter. For this reason, craftsmanship became a feature that unites the mind-blowing wines. Most probably, the reason is that this method allows more terroir or even individuality than a modern high-tech vinification. These sorts of observations are the ones in which we want to go more profoundly, and we are glad to invite all birds of a feather to join us, whether for scientific or practical reasons. "


Tasting results in every minute detail are available online. Click the PAR® logo to access the particular datasheet, including the excitement index.   

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